Scuola di lingue

The knowledge of a language at an advanced level, combined with professional skills, represents an important instrument for accessing the national and international job market and immediately provides a competitive advantage in the presentation of products and projects to a foreign buyer.

The Campus Language School Courses are aimed at adults of every age, employees and company managers, public entities and non profit organizations, single or in groups with courses of General and Business Language (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic) through flexible hours and content and innovative methods.



The teachers are all native speakers and have a high level of professionalism with an expertise in teaching. The methodology used is very advanced and combined with personalized assistance and tutoring.


  • Preliminary analysis of the linguistic skills with free level tests.
  • Creation of ad hoc programs based on student needs and on the position held.
  • Personalized programs and lessons focusing on specific topics relative to the reference market (ex. selection interviews, law, management, tourism, marketing, journalism and publishing, Executive assistant, construction, pharmaceutical, Italian and foreign University entrance exam preparation, etc).


The lessons can take place at Campus Language School, in-company, online, or a blended formula can be chosen that alternates both distance and face to face lessons.

The courses can be structured:

  • Individual one-to-one courses
  • Individual one-to-one intensive courses – weekend full immersion
  • Small group courses (3/4 persons max)
  • Medium sized group courses (8 persons max)
  • Travel study abroad at the best foreign language schools
  • Language specialization courses


In the Courses at the Campus Language School, leaning a written and spoken language is fun and constant, focusing on the improvement of expressive capacity, the acquisition of grammatical and syntactical structure, the growth of vocabulary, expressions and idiomatic sayings. The simulation of real life situations and knowledge of the culture, customs and traditions allow students to live the language at 360 degrees.


The company can opt for the formula IN HOUSE where lessons are held at the company offices, at personalized hours or on the weekend. In this way, lesson times do not obstruct the daily work activities and respond well to the professional needs of the participants.


In order to facilitate the regular attendance of courses, even with a busy schedule or in case you cannot move from your place of work or study, Campus Language School offers the possibility to connect via Skype and use the distance learning option. The courses can be organized entirely online or can be alternated by combining face to face and distance lessons (blended formula). Choose the option that’s right for you!